• 20+ / Year

    Minghui has more than 20 years of industry experience

  • 60+ / Acres

    Has been built and covers an area of more than 60 acres

  • 50000 / m²

    Construction area of about 50,000 square meters

  • Zhejiang Minghui Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd.

    Long-term vision, create brilliant ———

    Inherit the profound heritage and continue to cultivate the field of medium and high-end low-voltage electrical appliances

    Zhejiang Minghui Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. (Minghui Electric for short) is affiliated to Legrand Group and is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, where the Chinese Revolutionary Red Ship sailed and a service-oriented manufacturing demonstration city. The group company has been focusing on the low-voltage electrical industry for more than 20 years, and has been deeply engaged in the technical research and development and lean and intelligent manufacturing of circuit breaker products. It has solid professional technical capabilities and rich practical experience in application. Minghui Electric upholds excellent genes, inherits profound heritage, and continues to deeply cultivate the field of medium and high-end low-voltage electrical appliances. It has built a high-end intelligent manufacturing industry base covering an area of more than 60 acres and a building area of about 50,000 square meters, integrating digitalization, informatization and intelligence.

    Minghui Electric integrates technology research and development, manufacturing, and marketing. Its product line covers three categories of power distribution appliances, terminal appliances, and industrial control appliances, as well as intelligent manufacturing of high-end professional electrical box housings. Minghui Electric takes it as its mission to create high-quality lean and intelligent products, and strives to achieve the leap-forward upgrade of high-end intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances by improving quality and innovating products. Minghui people deeply understand that improving the quality of products is the foundation of the company's development, continuous innovation for technology is the driving force for the company's growth, and creating value for customers is the ultimate mission of the company. To this end, Minghui Electric has continuously increased investment in technology research and development, obtained many related knowledge patents, passed several international authoritative certifications, and cooperated with many scientific research institutions at home and abroad. At present, the company's independent research and development of MHZB2 series miniature circuit breakers, MHZM3D-250 two-pole high voltage DC molded case circuit breakers, ML5 series electromagnetic residual current operated circuit breakers and other products, the technical performance indicators have reached the industry and international leading level.

  • Behind technological innovation is the value of talents. Relying on the outstanding talent resources of the group, Minghui Electric has integrated and built a scientific research and technical team with rich experience in the industry for many years. The team integrates advanced research and development technology, sophisticated technology and equipment, intelligent digital information, complete facilities and high-quality management services into the products, ingeniously built and refined, bringing customers safe, convenient and efficient. Low-voltage electrical products are highly trusted and widely recognized by customers. The products have been exported to Russia, the United Kingdom, Poland and other countries and regions, and have become excellent suppliers and strategic partners of IEK, Siemens, GE, Simon and other world-renowned electrical companies. It has successively won the 2019 Top Ten Influential Enterprises in China's Economy, won the 2020 China Electrical Industry Innovative Products and other industry honors, and won the recognition of the industry and the attention of the society.

    In the future journey, Minghui Electric will continue to focus on low-voltage electrical appliances, focus on details, and create high-quality products. Focusing on the direction of ubiquitous Internet of Things construction, Minghui Electric will be in line with the development trends of smart cities, 5G construction, artificial intelligence, and new energy utilization. Driven, open, compatible, and coordinated development, work together to build a new smart electrical ecosystem, inspire to become a leader in high-quality smart low-voltage electrical equipment, and contribute to the grand blueprint of China's smart manufacturing.


(Predecessor) Zhengli Electric was established, with an output value of 2 million yuan in the first year, the first pot of gold in the electrical industry


The parent company Chuangqi Electric was established, with an output value of 35 million yuan, the first batch of low-voltage electrical export enterprises


Group operation, output value of 350 million yuan, exported to more than 30 countries such as Europe and the United States, excellent low-voltage electrical foreign trade enterprise


The wholly-owned subsidiary Minghui Intelligent was established, with an output value of 200 million yuan, OEM cooperation with internationally renowned brands and brand layout in the domestic high-end market


Top 10 Influential Enterprises in China's Economy in 2019

The 5th Ivey Award for Best Export-oriented Enterprise

Alibaba Gold Certification

Company Culture

Company Culture

  • Mission

    Let safe electricity use enter the era of wisdom

  • Vision

    Become the world's leading low-voltage electrical lean and intelligent manufacturing expert

  • Values

    Great virtue and goodness, lean innovation