MHZC1 series AC contactor

MHZC1-09 ~ 800 series AC contactor (hereinafter referred to as contactor) is mainly used in circuits with AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage of 690V, and rated working current of 9A~800A. Start and control AC motors; and can form electromagnetic starters with appropriate thermal overload relays to protect circuits that may be overloaded. Comply with standard IEC 60947-4, GB/T 14048.4, IEC 60947-5, GB/T 14048.5.


1. The action mechanism is a direct-acting type, and the contact is a double-break type;

2. The combination function is strong, and the installation surface can be equipped with accessories;

3. Reversible mechanisms can be installed on both sides to form a reversible contactor.

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