MHZR1 thermal overload relay

MHZR1 thermal overload relay (hereinafter referred to as thermal relay) is suitable for AC 50Hz (60Hz) and rated voltage up to 690V for overload and phase failure protection of AC motors. The thermal relay also has functions such as temperature compensation, action indication, automatic and manual reset, and stop, and the product performance is stable and reliable. Thermal relays can be installed in combination with contactors or independently. Products comply with IEC60947-1, IEC60947-4, GB/T 14048.4, GB/T 14048.5 standards.


Bimetallic; manual and automatic reset; three-phase;

With trip indication; with setting current adjustment device; with stop button;

There is a mechanism detection button; with phase failure protection; with ambient air temperature compensation;

The auxiliary contacts are electrically separate normally open and normally closed contacts.

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