MHZK1 series control and protection switch

MHZK1 series control and protection switch adopts a modular single structure, which integrates circuit breaker (fuse), contactor, overload (overcurrent) protector, overvoltage and undervoltage, phase loss protector, voltmeter, ammeter, and residual current protection. , isolator and other electrical components integrated functions. The application of MCU digital processing technology has high measurement accuracy, good linearity, accurate and reliable fault discrimination, and strong anti-interference ability. Load use category: The motor protection type is suitable for use categories such as AC-42, AC-43, AC-44, DC-41, DC-43, DC-45, DC-46. The power distribution protection type is suitable for AC-40, AC-41, AC-45a, AC-45b.


The product has the functions of long-distance automatic control and local direct manual control.

The product has panel indication and electromechanical signal alarm functions.

The product has coordinated time protection characteristics (with three-stage protection characteristics of long delay, short-circuit short-time delay, and short-circuit instantaneous).

The product has phase failure, overcurrent, locked rotor, blocking, short circuit, undercurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, residual current protection, three-phase unbalance, phase loss, isolation, startup timeout, fire protection, fault signal output and remote shunt and many other functions.

The product has a monitor that uses LED (LCD) to display various running, faults and other states. With voltmeter, ammeter function. The product can set and query various parameters; because MHZK1 adopts MCU's E2PROM storage memory technology, after parameter setting, it can be saved after power off, and it has a fault memory function, which is convenient for fault query and analysis.

The product has RS485 communication interface, open field bus (Mod Bus protocol, etc.), which brings convenience to the user's system integration and facilitates the user to realize intelligent management.

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