MHZC5 series AC contactor

MHZC5 series AC contactors are mainly used for AC 50Hz rated operating voltage to 660V, and in circuits with a rated voltage of 380V and an operating current of 95A under the AC-3 use category. They are used for long-distance connection and disconnection of circuits, and are used to frequently start and control AC motors. It can also be used with appropriate thermal overload relays to form electromagnetic starter to protect circuits that may be overloaded by operation and circuits that are out of phase.This product complies with GB/T 14048.4 standard.


1. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low power consumption, high life, safety and reliability.

2. Auxiliary contact groups, air delay heads, thermal relays and other accessories can be installed in a building block installation method, and combined into a variety of derived products.

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